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Our guitar lessons can be tailored to fit your needs. Some of our students are serious guitar majors, some are sharpening their skills before a tour, while others are learning chords to play around a camp fire or surprise their fiancé with a wedding song. Whatever your goals, we are excited to help you get there! 

Jim teaches Electric and Acoustic in the style of your choice. Additional options include sight reading, tablature, jazz and classical theory, jazz and classical technique, fingerstyle technique, hybrid picking, as well as country, rock and pop guitar styles.

Lessons are currently conducted in HD on Zoom and require a solid internet connection.



Through years of instruction we have come to believe the 45 minute lesson is ideal. In 45 minutes a student can gain value and retain the instruction without being overwhelmed. In an effort to make professional private instruction as accessible as possible our lessons are currently priced at $40 USD for 45 minutes. 

    *Please feel free to ask about 30 minute options for young beginner students. 


Book a trial lesson

Learning to play should be fun and we definitely have a lot of it! However, we do take both our time as well as yours seriously. Therefore, we start all potential students with a 30 minute free trial lesson. We want to see where you're starting and give you an idea of what a lesson will look like for you, just to make sure we are a good fit!

   For questions and to book your trial, contact us 

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