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The Guitarwithjim Program 

The program runs at our online Zoom studio.  Payments are made in advance to reserve your spot in the program. When it comes to commitment, you can choose the option that best suits you . 


As a REGULAR student, you commit to weekly lessons for a 3 month period minimum.

As a DROP-IN student (one off lessons), you opt to book time on a first come, first serve basis as space allows; additional fees apply (see “Rates”). 

Please note, REGULAR students get scheduling priority.


How Your Lesson Works 

Studying guitar encompasses a lot of goals: learning theory and technique and applying it to practice time, improving listening skills, expanding awareness of diverse musical styles, and delving into individual and group creative expression.  As such, lessons are student -  centered and customized to meet the interests and goals of each student. Students are responsible for bringing their instruments and printed or digital material materials to each session. From time to time, students may be asked to purchase sheet music and/or instructional materials. Any material that I can access will be shared onscreen. I will forward a video/material on the lesson if needed after the session.


When You Cancel (Missed Lessons & Makeups

I do not expect lessons to be the most important thing in anyone’s life, but I would like you to honour your commitment to be here. And I will do the same. Much like sports activities, daycare, or gym memberships, missed sessions are non-refundable. Remember, this spot has been reserved for you—and only you—and therefore will not be filled by another student. (Essentially, you are paying not just for the lesson, but also for the reserved time and resources.) Please note, due to a limited volume of clients, there will be no refunds for missed lessons. If there is a conflict that occurs for your assigned time slot due to other activities (ie. Sporting events, family vacations, birthday celebrations) we can schedule a makeup as long as I’m notified at least 5 days before your lesson.  


Scheduling Conflicts 

Both REGULAR and DROP-IN students are required to adhere to their booked time slot. Please note, our lessons are booked back-to-back with very little time between to accommodate for internet or Zoom issues. Should a permanent scheduling conflict arise, I will do my best to find you an alternate slot for the remainder of the program. (No month-to-month swaps between REGULAR to DROP-IN & back again.)


Holidays & School Breaks

Lessons run from September to June with respect to select statutory holidays:  Thanksgiving, Family Day, Easter, Victoria Day, Remembrance Day, and Winter Break (December 20 to January 3). 

Optional lessons may be available during Spring Break and summer, with a new schedule to be determined. 


Tuition Rates and Fees

INDIVIDUAL REGULAR: $30/ 30 min,   $40 / 45 min,     

DROP-IN:   $35/ 30min,   $45 / 45 min,    


REGULAR fees are paid in advance on the 1st of the month (i.e. Sept. fees are due Sept. 1st). 

DROP-IN fees are due at time of booking, or the 1st of the month, whichever comes first.

 Please refer to your student portal page or your monthly emailed INVOICE. Accepted methods of payment include etransfer (“”), or Paypal through the website (with a 4% surcharge to cover costs). 

Please keep your payments up to date. I would rather talk about music, and so would you. I hate to say it, but now I must: late payments are subject to late fees ($10) and may result in loss of time slot. 

If you want to take a break from lessons, 2 weeks’ notice is required to leave the program, please and thanks. And no hard feelings; I would love it if you stay in touch and maybe come back another time, but I know you have a big life to live. 


Any questions? Contact Jim: or (702) 439-1064  


*NOTE: The only exceptions to the above policies will be (of course) extreme medical emergencies, urgent family situations, etc. If you are unsure on these, please contact me.

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